Dress and hygiene should combine to produce a professional appearance.Pride in appearance reinforces efficiency.A scrupulous attention to grooming is the trademark of a truly professional hotelier.

  • A daily shower is must.
  • Use a deodorant.
  • Hair should be shampooed at least once or twice a week.
  • Clothes should be changed daily especially under wear and socks.
  • Decontaminate hand frequently.
  • Keep nails short & clean.
  • Uniforms must be clean and pressed properly.
  • Uniforms should be worn neatly.
  • Shoes should be polished everyday and in good condition.
  • Shoes should be aired regularly.
  • Boys should keep their hair short and trim.
  • Boys should not sport beard or side burns.
  • Boys should shave regularly and trim their mustache.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear any jewellery.
  • Girls with long hair should knot it up neatly.
  • Girls should wear light make up.
  • Girls should keep the use of jewellery to the minimum.



  1. Must understand the aims and objectives of the work.
    1. To develop individual maturity, self-awareness and confidence.
    2. To provide a structural practical experience of the industry, its customers and staff.
    3. To consolidate skills learned during studies and appreciate industrial standards and level of performance
  2. Must perform to the standards identified by the hotel.
  3. Should maintain constant contact with the faculty co-coordinator of the institute.
  4. Shall works for 6 days a week and is not eligible for any leave during this period except in case of illness.
  5. Shall we eligible for monthly stipend.
  6. Should maintain a log book signed weekly by the supervisor.
  7. Must submit records as per the guidelines are given by the faculty co-coordinator.
    The students performance will be rated in the specific areas by the concern Heads of the Department with regard to attendance, punctuality, grooming, discipline, relation with guests, colleagues and supervisors, efficiency, performance, learning progress, overall suitability areas for improvement etc.


  1. Each student must be punctual for daily assembly theory classes, practical classes, submission of journals, assignments projects etc. and attend to any other duties assigned, with wholehearted commitment.
  2. Late coming will not be permitted except in case of unforeseen eventualities.
  3. In such situation, students will be permitted to attend classes after meeting the Principal/HOD as the case may be. Habitual latecomers will be dealt with severely.
  4. If a student is absent for assembly or at the beginning of any class, he or she will be marked absent for the whole day.
  5. Each student is required to have 90% attendance of the total working days, in each individual subject, failing which he/she will not be permitted to appear for the qualifying examination.
  6. For eligibility to appear for the National Council examinations, a student must have attended not less than 70% of theory and practical classes ( taken separately). During the session last attended, and a minimum of 75% attendance for all lectures, classes, practicals etc. in the aggregate. However, the institute’s expectation is that the students must attain 100% attendance and should refrain from taking leave unless in case of emergency or serious illness. Attendance shall be counted from the date of resuming classes after the summer vacation.


  1. Absence without leave is considered a breach of discipline. Any leave taken without proper sanction will be liable for disciplinary action and the levying of fines.
  2. Prior permission for all the leave must be obtained in writing I the Hand Book, duly authorized by the parent/ local guardian and the counselor. The handbook must be collected back from the office(if leave is sanctioned)during the lunch break.
  3. Submission of leave application does not imply granting leave. Leave can be taken only if it ha been sanctioned by the concerned authority. Leave will be granted depending on the merit of the case.
  4. Absence due to ill – health should be noted to the office as soon as possible and a doctor’s certificate produced on return to college. If it is not complied with, the absence will be treated leave without permission and will attract disciplinary action/fines.
  5. Students will not be permitted to leave the institute’s premises during working hours without written permission from the Principal. This will be granted only in case of emergencies or illness. Breach of this rule could result in the suspension of the student concerned.


The student must, both within and outside the campus, conduct themselves in a manner that will uphold and enhance the prestige and reputation of the Institute. Courtesy is an essential quality of the student of the hospitality as well as a hospitality professional. It is therefore imperative that they deal with faculty, guests and colleagues in an extremely polite manner. Wishing people and talking in soft tones should become a habit.

  1. Students are required to conform to the grooming standards of the institute with respect to the uniforms, personal grooming, hygiene etc.
  2. Every student on admission must obtain an identity card with photo and the student handbook from the office, on payment of the prescribed fee(Photograph to be provided by the student)
  3. The identity card and handbook must be carried at all times and produced on demand.
  4. Conduct of the student within the classroom and within the premises must be satisfactory. Any serious misconduct may warrant immediate expulsion from the Institute along with forfeiture of the fees.
  5. Indulgence in any of violence will be considered a breach of discipline that warrants immediate expulsion.
  6. Ragging is viewed as an unhealthy practice and is strictly prohibited. If any case of ragging is presorted, severe disciplinary action will be taken against those involved.
  7. Student’s should take care of the institute’s property and help to keep the institute premises clean and tidy at all times.
  8. Any property damage due to the negligence of the students will be repaired/ replaced at the concerned student’s expense.
  9. Any willful damage to the Institute’s property will be viewed as a serious offense and the students responsible will be dealt with seriously
  10. All fees and dues payable must be remitted to the office on or before the stipulated dates, failing for which fine will be levied and the concerned student may not be permitted to attend classes or appear for examinations. Fees once paid is not refundable.
  11. Smoking will not be permitted within the Institute’s premises
  12. No society/club/ association will be formed in the Institute without the Principal’s permission.
  13. Outsiders are not to be invited to address the students of the Institute without prior permission from the Institute authorities.
  14. Students shall not take part in politics or political campaigning.
  15. Any debate/meeting should have the prior permission of the Principal.
  16. No student should communicate any information, or write about matters relating to the Institute to the press
  17. Students will not be permitted within the Institute building after office hours without permission, except in the Library, if the librarian is available.
  18. Lockers will be issued to students far away from the Institute, on the basis of availability
  19. The hoteliers are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel
  20. The medium of instruction and examinations will be ENGLISH