Cake Festival

Hearts and Beats – Here’s a brief report on the Hearts and Beats

CAKE FESTIVAL held at Rajadhani Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (RIHMCT) by the S4 students on February 14th:

Event Name: Hearts and BEATS CAKE FESTIVAL

• Date: February 14, 2024
• Venue: RIHMCT
• Organizers: S4 students
• Inauguration: The event was inaugurated by Ms Megha B Ramesh
• Theme: The festival celebrated the art of cake-making, with a focus on creativity, flavours, and presentation.
• Highlights: o Cake Displays: Students showcased a variety of beautifully crafted cakes, each reflecting unique themes and designs. o Guests: Industry professionals, faculty members, and fellow students attended the festival.
• Overall Atmosphere: The festival buzzed with excitement, creativity, and a love for all things sweet. The Hearts and BEATS CAKE FESTIVAL was a delightful blend of culinary artistry, passion, and community spirit. Kudos to the S4 students for organizing a memorable event! ????????