Farewell – 2023

A farewell was organized for the students of S7 on the 22nd of December. A day to be etched in the memory – of goodbyes, friendship and memories made during the four-year course and the time spent at the campus.

The event started with a delicious lunch served by the students followed by a platform for the seniors to share their experiences and memories in their time in the hotel management program. They expressed their gratitude, some heartfelt and humorous anecdotes about their time spent here and reminiscing about their food fests and the camaraderie they developed with their fellow students.

Overall, it was a bitter sweet occasion making the end of one chapter for the seniors and the beginning of an exciting new journey as they prepare to enter the hospitality industry. When the seniors left the alma mater a beautiful framed picture of the students and faculty members was gifted to the department.